15 KVA Perfect Vs Kirloskar Vs Mahindra Generator comparision

15KVA Generators Comparison: Perfect Vs Kirloskar Vs Mahindra – Price & Specifications

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Perfect vs Kirloskar vs Mahindra – 15kva generators – Price | Specifications comparison

15KVA generators are primarily made for medium to large home usage purposes. These can manage to run high end electronic devices like LED televisions, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines and Refrigerators. These generators can also be used at smaller & medium sized construction sites, establishments & mobile workshops.


have been in the business of manufacturing & supplying 15KVA generators since 5 decades. Perfect 15KVA generators are priced at Rs. 258,832. Kirloskar generator 15kva price is Rs. 2,81,000*/- (As listed on IndiaMart on 23.07.2021, ) and Mahindra 15 kva generator price price is Rs. 3,05,00*/- (As listed on IndiaMart on 23.07.2021). Perfect 15kva generators are priced competitively when compared to Kirloskar generator 15kva price and Mahindra 15 kva generator price price.

Our 15KVA generators are designed ergonomically and aesthetically.  This means that they have weather resistant enclosure and product leads noise. These are also known for their best in class efficiency, nation-wide service & support network and compact, robust & rugged design.

Here is a detailed comparison sheet of the following brands of Eicher vs Kirloskar generator 15kva price, specs vs Mahindra generator 15kva price, specs:

1 Engine Model 322 ES HA294 G1 2205 GM C2
2 Cooling Blowers  Individual blowers for each Cylinder  One blower for all the cylinders Water cooled
3 Engine BHP 25.1 20.5 20
4 Fuel Tank Capacity 75L 65L
5 Governing A1 G2

Perfect 15KVA  generators clearly emerge as a better product. They have a higher capacity engine than Kirloskar & Mahindra which results in higher power generation. Also, the silencer in Perfect generator is built inside that outside like the other two brands. Our Perfect generators have least weight and the installation charges are also the least when compared to the other two brands. The other advantages that Perfect 15KVA generators have are:

  • Higher engine life
  • Availability of spare parts is better
  • Lesser noise & vibration
  • These generators are flicker free
  • Our generators are pilferage free

Rest assured, Perfect 15KVA generators are better off when compared to leading competitors.

Perfect 15KVA generators are better off when compared to leading competitors and the reasons are multiple.

*Price may subject to vary at the time of reading this blog based on dealer, model and location. This is only indicative price and not final price.