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All you have to know about 2kva generator price in India

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Do you need help with frequent power outages in your area, preventing you from using your home utilities? Invest in a 2 kVA generator to provide the power you need during any unplanned or scheduled power disruption. This mini portable generator is the perfect solution for powering small appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Be it your home, a small store or a farm, the 2KVA generator becomes your friend in need. It has developed a reputation of being a life saviour due to various reasons like availability next door, multiple options of brands, compact size and just-needed power.

Due to technological advancements in this category, these 2KVA generator have become lighter, quieter and super-efficient. Due to these features, these become a natural choice for home applications and small shops & establishments. Also, these generators run on fuels types like petrol, diesel and gas.

Price of 2KVA Generators in India

Various factors, including power output, fuel type, adherence to applicable standards, market competition, associated services such as maintenance contracts and warranty, and any additional features, determine the Price/ cost of generators.

The 2kva generator price in India starts from Rs. 86,584.

Product Specifications

The Elemax 2KVA generator is a viable solution for lightweight and low-power applications, thanks to its ease of starting, operating and maintenance.

The specifications are as follows :

Model PEG 2500B C2
Rated Output at 50Hz (VA) 2200
Max Output 50Hz (VA) 2400
Starting System RECOIL / ELECTRIC
Oil Alert System AVAILABLE
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltr.) 9
Continious Run (Hrs) Petrol/Diesel 8
Power Factor 1
Dry Weight (Kgs) 90
Set Dimension ( L*W*H ) in MM 790 x 450 x 535

Here are the key parameters you need to consider while you plan to buy a 2KVA generator for your home, shop or farm:

  • Efficiency
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Operating hour range
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Noise level
  • Fuel Type
  • Warranty terms
  • Service & support network
  • Price

Why Choose Elemax 2kva Generator?

While these generators are popular due to their long run time, affordable price and simple maintenance, the most important initial considerations are those associated with power capabilities, as in how many devices can you run with a single 2KVA generator.

Elemax PEG2500BC2 generator offers 2200VA as rated output using single cylinder 4 stroke engine. It is portable as it weighs only 90 kgs. Elemax offers teh lowest 2kva generator price in India.

2kva generator price in India

Elemax PEG2500BC2 can be the perfect generator for the above mentioned needs. With 50+ years of operations in India, Perfect House generators feature among the top choices of people.

Factors Affecting Purchase of 2KVA Generators

It’s essential to spend time considering all the factors that may contribute to the efficient working life of any generator you may be considering purchasing.

The key factors that are essential to consider when researching the 2000 watt generator are as follows; power output, capacity and formula to ensure you get the best value possible out of your generator.

Are you searching for a dependable 2KVA generator for your home or business? Perfect House Limited is your ideal choice. Our dedication to building a self-sufficient nation is unparalleled. As a leading generator manufacturer in India, we guarantee high-quality products that meet your needs.