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Buy a Portable Diesel Generator

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Electricity is the fuel that runs modern civilization. Cardinal elements that dictate the modern world, such as Wi-Fi, finance, health care, and social media, all run on the existence of technology. However, today’s electricity has become scarce due to the increasing population and the depletion of non-renewable sources. So it goes without saying that owning a portable diesel generator is a necessity in order to stay ahead of the fast-paced world.

A portable diesel generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of diesel. As the name states, these generators are portable and efficient when compared with gasoline-powered rivals.

Why choose a portable diesel generator

Fuel Efficiency:

It goes without saying that diesel engines are more fuel-efficient, and easily available when compared to gasoline engines. When it comes to diesel generators, the amount of power generated per unit of fuel consumed outruns the other rivals. Diesel portable generators are more sustainable and extremely beneficial for longer runs.

Long Lifespan:

Generators are not seasonal investments; they are smart investments for productivity. So it is important to pick a credible generator with proven longevity. By default, portable diesel generators are built to last longer and withstand rugged conditions with heavy usage. With proper maintenance, a diesel generator can last for many years, making it a cost-effective investment in the long run.


A long life span is directly proportional to relentless durability. Portable diesel generators are designed to survive unprecedented conditions, unlike generators that wear off easily. Fundamentally, a generator’s purpose is to avoid mishaps during emergencies. Having diesel portable generators will ensure that the power flows relentlessly without any interruption. They are built to handle heavy loads and provide a stable power supply for an extended period of time.

Low Maintenance:

In general, diesel generators need less maintenance than gasoline generators. They are less likely to malfunction mechanically since they contain fewer moving parts. Additionally, because diesel engines run at lower RPMs, their parts endure less deterioration. The assemblage of diesel generators is each equipped with rigid qualities to work strongly for years without any additional intervention.

Safe and reliable:

Safety is always the top priority when purchasing any equipment. By nature, diesel generators are fraught with fewer dangers as they are inflammable and safety-enabled. They are designed with built-in safety features, such as automatic shutdown systems and overload protection, ensuring safe operation and preventing potential damage to connected devices.

Factors to consider when buying a portable diesel generator

Power Output:

Before buying a generator, do a rundown of electricity consumption per day for a precise estimation, which comes in handy while selecting an efficient generator. Always opt for a generator efficient enough to handle the total wattage of your load, including the starting power requirements of any motor-driven devices. Determine the power requirements of the appliances, tools, or equipment you intend to run with the generator.

Size and weight:

Before buying a generator, it is important to understand that size and weight do not determine the efficacy of the generator. Focus on buying the one that has basic facilities like handles, and wheels so it is easy to transport. A portable generator itself suggests it is easy to transport, and the weight, dimensions, and size should all fall under the radar.


Generators carry the stigma of being heavy, immovable, and rigid. However, portable generators brought revolutionary advancements by being easily movable machines with zero mishaps. If you are someone who frequently moves between places, then buying a portable diesel generator is an ideal option.

Noise Level:

Every basic idea of generators involves heavy sounds, but technology has changed that over time. Today, a perfectly designed portable diesel generator produces fewer decibels as it comes with noise reduction features. Remember to cross-check the functioning of the generator to ensure it causes no noise pollution.

Generator Maintenance:

Always be aware and attentive when you are around a generator, irrespective of the circumstances. Using improper fuel or leaving it stagnant for long periods of time are things that need to be avoided. For uncomplicated, seamless usage, look for features such as an electric start, user-friendly control panels, and accessible maintenance points. Clear instructions and documentation should also be provided to ensure proper usage and maintenance.


Paying more than required or paying less for more efficiency are some of the common mistakes to avoid while buying a generator. Write a list of pros and cons, set an optimal budget for your generator purchase, and compare different models within your price range. Consider the overall value, durability, efficiency, and features offered by each generator to ensure you get the best possible generator within your budget.

Where to get a portable diesel generator

Generators are long-term investments trusted to increase productivity and assurance. Buying the perfect generator or understanding the necessity of a generator can be overwhelming. However, it is important to understand the differences a generator can bring to your life.

With over six decades of legacy and an unblemished record of customer satisfaction, Perfect House Pvt. Ltd. is the best place for you to buy the most advanced, industry’s best portable diesel generator to cater to all your electricity requirements within budget. We offer the best services, and our esteemed service providers will aid you in setting up the machine with due diligence and masterful workmanship. We are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified, and all our Gensets are OHSAS 18001 certified with demonstrated services across India.

Frequently asked questions about portable generator

How much does a small diesel generator cost?

The price of portable generators varies according to the requirements, specifications, and models of the buyers. However, if you are looking for a generator with a power rating in the 100–200 KVA range, then the price ranges between 4 lakhs and 10 lakhs, depending on the variant. Visit Perfect House Pvt. Ltd. to buy the portable diesel generator that suits your requirements with modern advancements and high efficiency.

Can I use a diesel generator for home?

Yes, Indeed! Portable diesel generators are perfect for residential properties. If you are located in an area with frequent power outages, then a portable diesel generator is the best solution to tackle the constant electricity deprivation. If you are looking to buy a portable diesel generator, Perfect House Pvt. Ltd. offers the most reliable, advanced, safe, and fuel-efficient portable generators with a warranty to fulfill all your requirements.