A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for tackling heavy-duty cutting tasks, boasting a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain. Particularly effective for trimming dense scrub and brush, its petrol-powered design, driven by a potent 2-stroke engine, offers formidable cutting power. The extended blades of a petrol chainsaw provide added leverage, effortlessly felling thick, towering trees and branches with precision and ease. Its handheld nature eliminates the hassle of cords, ensuring unparalleled portability for outdoor tasks.

Versatility is a hallmark of the chainsaw, catering to gardeners and professionals alike. From pruning overgrown foliage to clearing fallen trees after a storm, its utility knows no bounds. With its compact yet robust design, the chainsaw represents a reliable companion for landscaping projects, forestry endeavors, and emergency situations. As an essential tool in the outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal, the chainsaw exemplifies power, efficiency, and convenience, making it an invaluable asset in any gardener’s toolkit.


  1. We offer a 58cc chainsaw equipped with a 22-inch blade.
  2. Guided bar included, along with an additional 18-inch guide bar.
  3. Exceptionally lightweight with minimal vibration.
  4. Effortless starting mechanism ensures optimal fuel efficiency.


Product Table

ModelRated PowerDisplacementEngine typeSpeedFuel Tank CapacityFuel consumptionBar lengthExtra Accessories
PA-CS5818-G2S2.3 kW (3.0 hp)58 cc2-Stroke, Air cooled8500 RPMPetrol, 550 ml0.8 L/hr18 InchMix Bottle And Tool Kit
PA-CS5822-G2S2.3 kW (3.0 hp)58 cc2-Stroke, Air cooled8500 RPMPetrol, 550 ml0.8 L/hr22 InchMix Bottle And Tool Kit