Diesel Water Pumps

The Water pump, a marvel of mechanical engineering, transforms electrical energy into hydraulic force, vital for ferrying water across distances through pipes or hoses. The Perfect House Petrol Water Pump stands as an indispensable asset, particularly for agriculture, fostering lush crops in any climate.

In arid regions where water is scarce, this equipment becomes a lifeline, ensuring a steady water supply to crops. Farmers, confronted with the challenge of water scarcity, resort to bore-wells to tap into underground reservoirs. However, the Petrol Water Pump emerges as a pragmatic solution, adept at transporting water from its source to farmland.

Across India, thousands of farmers rely on these petrol-powered marvels to irrigate their fields, bypassing the limitations of electric connections. In essence, the Water pump epitomizes innovation, empowering agriculture and ensuring sustenance even in the most challenging environments.


  1. Efficient Engine
  2. Convenient
  3. Economical Fuel Consumption
  4. Self-Priming
  5. BIS Approved Engine with Power
  6. Beneficial for Small and Marginal Farmers


  1. Watering the field
  2. Dehydrating from basement of complex
  3. Conveyance of water by tankers
  4. Aquaculture purpose in fish ponds
  5. Dehydrating by Municipal corporations
  6. Sprinklers application
  7. Drip Irrigation system


Product Table

Model Rated Power Displacement Speed Engine Type Fuel Tank Capacity
PA-WPD-30 4.4KW(6HP) 296CC 3600rpm 4-Stroke Diesel Engine 3.5L