Elements vs Honda generators for home

Elemax vs Honda Generators for Home

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Elemax vs Honda generators for home; 2KVA generators are made for supplying back up power in homes, small shops, stores, commercial establishments etc. We all know the importance of power in today’s world. With the trend of we working from home and online classes for our children, the last this we want is power outage. Hence, 2KVA portable power generators are a must.

Technology has improved so much these days, that even generators are becoming smaller and smaller, lighter and quieter in size. Also, with so many brands and companies operating in this segment, it is very easy to find a generator dealer nearby.

There are many brands of 2KVA portable generators. Key brands being Perfect Elemax and Honda generators for home. Both these generators run on diesel.

Here are the key parameters you need to consider while you plan to buy a 2KVA generator for your home, shop or farm:

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Operating hour range
  • Weight
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Size
  • Noise level
  • Fuel Type
  • Warranty terms
  • Service & support network
  • Price

Below shown table throws light on the exact comparison of Perfect Elemax and Honda generators.

1 Genset Model PEG 2500 BC2 EX 2400
2 Genset Rated Output KVA/ Kw 2.2/ 2.2 1.8/ 1.8
3 Genset Maximum Output KVA/ Kw 2.4/ 2.4 2.1/ 2.1
4 Current A 9.6 7.8
5 Max. Sound Power Level as per CPCB – 86 dB(A) dB(A) 82.5 < 86
6 Overall dimension of Genset (L*W*H) mm 790*450*535 (642 With Wheel) 985*471*722
7 Engine Model G 200 FDA GX160D
8 Governing A2 Mechanical
9 Lube oil sump capacity ml 600 580
10 Safeties – Oil alert, Temperature, Overloading Monitor by Electronic Controller Electronic Controller not available
11 Alternator Type AVR Capacitor/AVR
12 Spares availability High Low
13 Flicker Free Yes No
14 24 X 7 Service Yes No

Here are the advantages of Perfect Elemax generators over Honda generators:

  • Perfect Elemax generator produces more output
  • Creates lesser noise
  • Smaller in size and hence occupies lesser floor space
  • Engine has longer life due to higher oil sump capacity
  • Much safer to use due to availability of electronic controller
  • Wider service & support network

So, whenever you think of buying a small portable generator, we strongly suggest you go for Perfect Elemax diesel generator.