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Generator Pricing In India

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The generator market in India is quite large, catering to a broad cross-section of different types of users and industries such as dairy, caravan, manufacturing units, data centres, education, telecom, packaging, food and fisheries. This includes industrial and residential generator users for various spaces relying on generators for commercial and domestic purposes, including hospitals, shopping malls, computer server rooms, and air-conditioned facilities.

Generators are also classified differently based on their power generating capacity. In terms of KVA, these generators get classified into:

  • 62.5 KVA-125 KVA(PERFECT-TMTL)
  • 1,000 KVA-2,500 KVA (PERFECT-BAUDOUIN)

Pricing of Generators:

The pricing of generators is dependent on:
Power rating
PHASE /230V – 415V
Fuel used
Compliance to standards
Add ons

Pricing of Residential/portable generators:

The residential generator market is categorized into various types. Local players and large brands offer different generators across price ranges in the residential generator market. Features are also varied based on consumer preference. Very few people in India purchase fuel-powered home generator units to enjoy consistent electric power.

The price of Honda Portable Generator products is between ₹70,250 – ₹89,925 per Piece during Dec ’21 – Nov ’22.

Industrial Power generators pricing:

Industrial generators are high-power generators having fixed capacity. They get used in various factories and commercial establishments. Industrial generators are fixed in nature and have a power range above 7.5kVA.

A Perfect EICHER 15 KVA Industrial generator running for 500 hours per year than our operation cost will be Rs 1Lacs to 1.2lacs whereas other competitors operation cost will be 1.8 to 2lacs.

Perfect Industrial generators are more efficient with superior design in terms of efficiency. 

These generators are top-rated among small businesses and industries. 


Domestic and Industrial generators score very well on their power capacity and ability to back electricity. But few companies can produce efficient generators.

HONDA manufactures portable generators, but they are highly-priced, and their efficiency is comparable to Perfect house. 

Even in the case of industrial Generators, Kirloskar/Mahindra/Leyland has generators that are equally efficient at a high price.

So, customers who require more efficiency at an economical rate should prefer Perfect Diesel generators. We provide made in India generators that have both high quality and superior performance as compared to competitors.