How long does a diesel generator last?

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We Indians are inherently obsessed with being overprotective. To our families alike, we are over-protective even to our things. From saving the plastic wrappers on our new television/refrigerator to finding ‘jugaads’ to fix random things around the house, we have each done it all. Old t-shirts becoming floor mops and bournvita bottles becoming spice containers is a story of every Indian household. It seems like we Indians want to protect and save things beyond the passage of time itself.

Well, if you were to ask us? – “What’s wrong with being overprotective with our things!”

Luckily for us, diesel generators also last a very long time, usually, without ‘jugaad’ of any sort.

A generator is a major component for your home, office, or business since it provides uninterrupted electricity to all your necessary applications which are sometimes, even life-saving. They offer perhaps the most reliable source of power in an extensively volatile environment that we reside in. To sustain yourself, your families, your businesses, and everything else, you need a robust diesel generator that can not only support you during an outage but also successfully endure the harsh test of time.

With some applications requiring diesel generators to run for almost 24/7, one can only beg the question – how long does a diesel generator actually last?


To be precise, the longevity of a diesel generator lies in several factors. Some of the factors range from:

  1. Quality of the diesel generator and brand value.
  2. Size of a diesel engine and power output.
  3. Environmental conditions.
  4. Installation method of the diesel generator set.

For example, if you need your diesel generator running for several days on a row, you will need to purchase one specifically made for that purpose because they are large and contain more efficient motors that are engineered specifically for that purpose.

Also, a diesel generator set requires regular and timely maintenance which includes proper oil exchanges, fuel tank cleanup, filter replacements, and other preventative maintenance. If your generator is too huge for your application, there is a potential risk of carbon buildup. If it is too small, you will be putting too much load on your generator set than what it has been tested for. This could prove dangerous and maybe even fatal.

One should also consider the fact that diesel generators are cooled by liquid and run at a mellow 1800 to 2000 rpm unlike generators of other fuels. As we consider all of these factors in likely standard climate conditions, the life-span of a high-quality diesel generator can be assumed from a minimum of 12,000 hours to more than 25,000 hours. With timely maintenance and high-quality diesel, that translates to more than 15 years of service. Remember, if your diesel generator needs to run every single day for seven days a week, this duration might be significantly lower.

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