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How to Choose the Right Size Power Generator for your Needs

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You are making sound decisions if you are determined to invest in a generator. Generators are an effective solution to ensure continuous power even during outages, and they can use them in areas without electricity.

If you are currently undergoing a residential renovation and are reviewing your options, a generator could be an excellent addition to your appliance selection.

The present inquiry is: what capacity and classification of the generator are required? This article ought to give the essential understanding to ascertain the appropriate selection.

Types of Generators by Size

Recreational Inverter

Recreational inverters are the most lightweight generator variety, boasting no installation requirements and a portability advantage.

Furthermore, their operation is quiet, and most models feature user-friendly interfaces, some even with accompanying smartphone applications.

It is important to remember that, although recreational inverters may cost as much as portable generators, they provide significantly less power, being capable of supplying electricity to a refrigerator, lights, and small electronics, but not much else.

Thus, a recreational inverter may be the answer if you want a cost-effective solution to your mobile power needs.

Mid-Sized Inverter

This lightweight and silent recreational inverter can produce a much greater output than expected. A mid-sized inverter can sustain a refrigerator and lights for eight to eighteen hours with only two to three gallons of fuel.

A mid-sized inverter generator is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable backup power source in a home that typically experiences infrequent power outages.

Its capacity to provide sustained power to essential appliances ensures peace of mind, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted household operation.

Portable Generator

Portable generators can be a good choice for households that encounter intermittent blackouts; these are dependable and will deliver enough electricity without requiring a hefty investment.

Portable generators are an ideal energy source for average households, providing adequate power to run hardwired equipment such as well pumps.

However, it is essential to note that connecting a portable generator to a home’s circuit breaker panel may require additional expenditures.

Large Inverter

Inverter generators of a larger capacity are ideal for homes that are often or intermittently affected by power outages due to their dependable performance and the capability of virtual power devices.

We must remember to power higher-capacity inverters with stabilised petrol instead of natural gas or propane.

Home Standby

It is important to remember that although home standby generators may be the most convenient option, they are usually the priciest. Installation expenses may be just as much as the cost of the generator itself, making this a cost-restrictive solution for some.

Permanently installed Home Standby Generators provide a reliable power source during power outages, keeping your appliances running. Natural gas or propane typically activates these generators automatically during a power outage.

Other Considerations when Choosing a Power Generator

Fuel type

The generator industry encompasses a wide selection of generators divided into various classifications. We can categorise generators based on the types of fuels they use, such as diesel, petrol, gas, solar energy, or a combination of these fuel sources.

In India, the most widely-used fuels are diesel, petrol, and gas. However, solar energy and hybrid systems utilising a combination of solar and other fuels are becoming increasingly popular.


When choosing a generator, wattage should be the primary factor to consider. It is critical to ascertain the total wattage requirement for items to be powered by the generator, whether for emergency backup or use in an area with limited or no electricity availability.

It can consist of lighting, refrigerators, laptop power adapters, mobile phone power adapters, coffee makers, toaster ovens, washing machines, etc. This estimation will provide a general indication of the size of the generator required.

Where can I get a Power Generator?

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Frequently asked Questions about Portable Generator

How much does it cost to buy a power generator?

It varies according to the needs and requirements. Please get in touch with us to know more in detail.

How do power generators work?

Electromagnetic induction entails displacing a wire near a magnet to generate an electrical current. This process transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy, thus allowing an electric generator to function.

What are some safety concerns with power generators?

The improper use of electrical power may lead to electric shocks and electrocution, while a generator’s exhaust can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, improper refuelling or storage of fuel for a generator can be a source of fire hazards. Further, noise and vibration may be an additional risk.