HTP Hose Pipes

Hose pipes, those ubiquitous conduits of liquid transfer, represent a fundamental aspect of modern life. From watering gardens to extinguishing fires, their flexible, hollow design enables the seamless conveyance of fluids across distances. Whether in homes, industries, or agricultural settings, hose pipes serve as indispensable tools, offering convenience and efficiency.

Typically cylindrical in shape, these pipes come in various sizes and materials to suit diverse applications. The adaptability of hose pipes extends beyond mere industrial utility, finding utility in everyday tasks such as washing cars, cleaning outdoor spaces, and filling swimming pools. Their functionality bridges the gap between disparate points, facilitating the movement of water, chemicals, or other fluids with ease and precision.

In essence, hose pipes embody simplicity and practicality, embodying the essence of utility in their unassuming form. As an emblem of human ingenuity, they remind us of our ability to harness the elements for our benefit, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.


  • Robust Delivery
  • Sturdy
  • Quintuple-layered Design


  • Agriculture


Product Table

ModelInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureBursting PressureConnector TypeConnector SizeLength
PA-DHP-8.5/508.5 mm14.5 mm3.5 mm60 Kg/cm2220 Kg/cm2Male/Female1/4 Hose Joint50 Mtrs.
PA-DHP-8.5/1008.5 mm14.5 mm3.5 mm60 Kg/cm2220 Kg/cm2Male/Female1/4 Hose Joint100 Mtrs.
PA-DHP-10/5010 mm17 mm3.5 mm60 Kg/cm2220 Kg/cm2Male/Female1/2 Hose Joint50 Mtrs.
PA-DHP-10/10010 mm17 mm3.5 mm60 Kg/cm2220 Kg/cm2Male/Female1/2 Hose Joint100 Mtrs