HTP Sprayer Sets

The HTP Sprayer Sets stand as an indispensable tool for comprehensive agricultural spraying needs. Featuring top-quality components, this machine guarantees longevity and low-maintenance utilization. Whether mounted on a tractor for swift and efficient spraying or transported on a compact cart, its versatility is unmatched. Employing a high-quality brass gun ensures optimal performance, catering to the demands of professional farming operations. The sprayer set emerges as the quintessential solution for dispersing substantial volumes of high-grade chemicals across agricultural expanses. With its reliability, ease of use, and superior functionality, the HTP Sprayer Sets epitomize efficiency and precision in modern farming practices, promising farmers enhanced productivity and results in their endeavors.

The HTP Sprayer Sets prove invaluable for comprehensive agricultural spraying needs. With its top-notch components, durability and minimal maintenance are assured for prolonged use. Whether transported on a compact cart or conveniently mounted onto a tractor, this sprayer facilitates swift and efficient application across agricultural expanses. Employing a high-grade brass gun further enhances its performance. Designed to handle substantial volumes of professional-grade chemicals, the sprayer set emerges as the quintessential tool for farming endeavors. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable asset for farmers seeking effective solutions for their spraying requirements.


Product Table

ModelEngine Rated PowerPump SpeedOutput PressureSuction VolumePump HeadPump ball cock sizeSuction HosePully size
PA-PS22-2104.4 KW (6 HP)800-1200 RPM10-22 KG/CM10-22 L/MINCast Iron8.5mm 2pcs 1/4 cock5 Meter7 Inch
PA-PS30-2104.4 KW (6 HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM30-40L/MINCast Iron10mm (1/2)3pcs cock5 Meter9 Inch