HTP Sprayers

HTP Sprayers represent the pinnacle of heavy-duty spraying equipment tailored for agricultural and horticultural applications. These robust machines are specifically engineered to disperse a variety of liquids including water, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in farming settings.

Each sprayer boasts essential components like a spray nozzle, liquid tank, valves, pressure regulators, and fluid plumbing, ensuring optimal functionality. At its core lies a horizontal triple piston pump featuring a durable brass head, guaranteeing consistent and high-pressure spraying across vast expanses. With precision and reliability, HTP Sprayers stand as indispensable tools, facilitating uniform dispersion and effective coverage essential for modern agricultural practices.

Benefits of HTP Sprayer:

HTP Sprayers excel in agricultural spraying, boasting premium components for durability and low-maintenance operation. Designed for versatility, these sprayers can be carted or effortlessly mounted onto tractors, facilitating swift and efficient spraying across farmland. With their robust construction and user-friendly design, HTP Sprayers represent a vital tool in modern agriculture, offering comprehensive solutions for various spraying needs.

Why choose to buy HTP Sprayer?
Meet the HTP Power Sprayer, your ultimate solution for watering, fertilizing, and crop care. Lightweight and low-maintenance, it offers versatility and ease. Whether stationed or mounted on a tractor, its advanced design ensures efficient coverage across your farmland. With the HTP Power Sprayer, empower your agricultural endeavors with precision and convenience, enhancing productivity while minimizing effort and maintenance requirements.


Product Table

ModelEngine PowerPump SpeedOutput PressureSuction VolumePump HeadPump ball cock sizeSuction HoseStrainerTool KitPully sizeNet Weight
PA-HTP180.6-1(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM10-18 L/MINCast Iron8.5mm 2pcs 1/4 cock2.5 Meter1 Piece1 Set5
PA-HTP223-5.5(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM10-22 L/MINCast Iron8.5mm 2pcs 1/4 cock5 Meter1 Piece1 Set7 Inch
PA-HTP30(E )4-6.5(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM30-40L/MINCast Iron10mm (1/2)3pcs cock5 Meter1 Piece1 Set9 Inch
PA-HTP50(E)5-7(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM45-66 L/MINCast Iron10mm (1/2)3pcs cock5 Meter1 Piece1 Set9 Inch
PA-HTP80 (E)6.5-7(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM50-80L/MINCast Iron10mm (1/2)3pcs cock5 Meter1 Piece1 SetBig17KG
PA-HTP120 (E)7-9.5(HP)800-1200 RPM10-40 KG/CM70-116L/MINCast Iron10mm (1/2)2pcs cock5 Meter1 Piece1 SetBig18KG