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PERFECT House Industrial generators

Perfect House Industrial generators are reliable, durable and performance oriented with the longest running life in the industry. As far as power backup is concerned, we have Perfection!

We have a wide range of industrial generators, available from market-leading manufacturers Eicher TMTL & Baudouin. These come in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of a range of applications, so we’re confident you’ll find the power generator that you need.

Benefits of Our Industrial Generators

A huge range of industries, large or small, rely on industrial generators to protect them from power outages and keep vital machines, processes and equipment up-and-running.

You can give your company the same safety net and peace of mind by investing in one of our industrial generators!

Our industrial generators provide consistent power to factories, homes and data centers among many other places; they save money on installation costs and energy expenses by producing their own electricity on site, cutting off unnecessary costs such as transmission fees and safeguarding higher equipment investment over the long term. Don’t waste any more time thinking about your options – invest today!

Why Perfect :

Perfect diesel generators provide power solutions to every requirement of industrial generators. Our industrial generators are available in a range of sizes to meet any application. Perfect Industrial generators have a high dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Our industrial generators are developed to ensure a continuous supply of power in the event of failure of the grid systems. If you are looking for an industrial generator for uninterrupted power supply, then Perfect Industrial generators are the right option.

No matter what you need back up power for, whether to keep a factory producing or a hospital operating or a SSI running its business, our Perfect Industrial Generators will serve you with back-up power which you will find reliable, consistent & customised.

Silent Genset 5-125 kVA

The 5 kVA to 45 kVA models are Air cooled range sold under Perfect Gensets powered by Eicher Engines. The 50 KVA to 125 KVA models are Water cooled range sold  by Perfect Gensets powered by TMTL Engines.  In the Eicher range, 30 KVA genset onwards are turbo charged with after cooler leading to superior fuel efficiency. 

All engines have A1 governing except the 125 kVA genset, which has the upgraded ISO-chronous governing. These engines have the highest moment of inertia owing to the heavy flywheel ensuring the best quality of power and zero flickering. The latest example of our engineering excellence is our flagship 125 kVA genset which is a technological marvel.

125 KVA genset range, TMTL is the only genset company which has developed in-house CRDI technology. Other features include, Protection for Over / Under Voltage / Frequency / Speed, Over load, Canopy FAN fault, Load imbalance, Low Lube oil pressure, High cylinder / water temperature, Law Fuel level, will display the Service due alert based on running hours. All these features translate into high savings for owners and it promises precise power with zero fluctuations in voltage and frequency even at Jerk loads.

TMTL Advantage

    • Diverse range: Pick from 5kVA to 125kVA diesel powered generators.
    • A silent acoustic canopy which keeps the noise level in check as per CPCB II regulation.
    • Performance-oriented industrial generators.
    • Engines from the reputed brand: We take care to use only EICHER / TMTL brand of engines to help the industries remain powered up for long.
    • Innovative Products
    • Experienced dealer network
    • Extended 5 years warranty*
    • Sturdy gensets – longest life in the industry
    • Zero flicker gensets – enhancing equipment life
    • High fuel economy and longest service period in the industry – high savings for the customer
    • Round the clock service backup – 99.9% up time

Eicher Generators 5 – 45 KVA


TMTL Generators Above 50 KVA

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