Knapsack Sprayers – Manual Cum Battery Operated

The Perfect Battery-Operated Knapsack Sprayer stands as the epitome of convenience and efficiency in agricultural operations. Catering to a diverse array of needs, it’s a favored choice among professionals and homeowners alike. Its lightweight design alleviates strain on the back, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

In agriculture, the Perfect Sprayer emerges as an indispensable tool. With the flexibility of battery or manual operation, it adapts seamlessly to various spraying requirements. Equipped with multiple nozzle attachments, it offers versatility in application, from pest control to sanitization.

The extended reach facilitated by the long nozzle expedites spraying processes, enhancing productivity in the field. Designed to dispense pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and sanitizers, it upholds stringent agricultural standards.
Beyond farming, this sprayer finds utility in gardens, lawns, plantations, and horticulture sites, amplifying its versatility. Whether tackling large-scale agricultural projects or maintaining backyard greenery, the Perfect Sprayer exemplifies reliability and performance, making it an invaluable asset in the realm of agricultural equipment.


  1. Customizable shoulder strap for personalized comfort of operators
  2. Adjustable for both right and left-hand users, ensuring personalized comfort
  3. Simple assembly and repair features for the convenience of the owner
  4. 110 CM long hose for extended reach during spraying tasks
  5. Tank capacity designed with the operator’s comfort in mind


  1. Applying insecticides and pesticides in the field
  2. Pest control treatment in cities and towns
  3. Applying pesticides in houses and residential colonies.


Product Table

ModelChemical TankWeight: NetLiquid OutputBattery PowerChargerExtraMotor TypeApplication
PA-BS-18-8SM18ltr5.15KG3.6LPM 40-90PSI12V*8AH1.1AGun accessoriesSingle MotorAgriculture use
PA-BS-18-8COM18ltr5.85KG3-8 L/min12V*8AH1.1AGun accessoriesSingle MotorAgriculture / Industrial
PA-BS-18-12COM18ltr7.05KG3.6LPM 40-90PSI12V*12AH1.7AGun ccessoriesSingle MotorAgriculture / Industrial
PA-BS-18-12DM18ltr6.9KG7.0LPM 90-150PSI 12V*12AH1.1AGun accessoriesDouble MotorAgriculture use
PA-BS-18-8COM (Tiger)18ltr5.85KG3.6LPM 40-90PSI12V*8AH1.1AGun accessoriesDouble MotorAgriculture use