, Mobile Lighting Tower


As a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of portable lighting and energy solutions, we, from Perfect Housing Pvt. Ltd. have come a long way. We have created mobile light towers that are of great use in any construction site or at a mining site or excavation site. Our portable light towers are bright and easy to transport to any spot at any time of the day.

These lighting towers offer temporary lighting solutions especially for mining areas, construction sites, civil engineering works, Solar & Wind EPC Projects, Road projects, defence requirements and industrial operations.


We have specialized in the power and lighting industry and our commitment at producing and supplying across the subcontinent has made us popular. We also have the fame for being very customer-centric and focus on helping with timely solutions.

In an industry of generators or gensets, we have already garnered fame with our forty –plus years of experience. With special know-how and perfection defining our services, we are only going ahead towards more success.

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Highlights of Our Mobile Light Tower

  • Built-in towing system for the smooth transportation of the lights.
  • Energy efficient yet bright lighting solution.
  • Presence of four to six lighting fixtures on towers that are also adjustable.
  • Diesel powered
  • Two-wheel trolley system


Technical Spec.

Height 6 meter & 9 meter
No of Light Fixtures on tower Four or Six adjustable.
Wattage of each fixture 1- 400 Watt(Led)
Type of Bulb Metal Halide/LED
DG Set KVA 5/7.5 KVA
Frequency 50 Hz
Trolley Two wheel towing trolley with jack
Fuel Diesel


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