Post Hole Digger

An earth auger, also known as an earth drill or post-hole digger, serves as a quintessential tool for excavating holes in the ground. Its design comprises a vertically rotating metal rod or pipe, often equipped with one or more blades positioned at the lower end. These blades are instrumental in cutting through or scraping away soil, facilitating efficient boring operations for various purposes.

The versatility of the earth auger renders it indispensable across numerous industries and applications. Whether employed in construction projects for erecting fences or installing posts, or in agricultural endeavors for planting trees or setting up irrigation systems, the earth auger streamlines the process of creating cavities in the earth’s surface.

With its mechanized approach to excavation, the earth auger not only enhances productivity but also minimizes physical strain on operators. Its effectiveness in penetrating various soil types underscores its significance as a fundamental tool in the realm of ground excavation, embodying efficiency and reliability in its operation.


Product Table

Model Displacement Engine Fuel tank Fuel Consumption Speed Output Performance Fuel Used Gross Weight
PA-EA68-2S 68CC 2-Stroke, Air Cooled 800ML 600ML 280 RPM 50-60Pits/HR Petrol 11.5KG