Power Sprayers

The Portable Power Sprayer is a versatile farm spraying tool designed for various applications including dispersing water, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Perfect House introduces an innovative portable power sprayer ideal for farms, lawns, and gardens, promising enhanced crop yields. This multipurpose machine serves diverse agricultural needs globally, catering to agriculture, sericulture, horticulture, forestry, and plantations.

In modern agriculture, sprayers play a pivotal role in crop production, combating pest infestations and ensuring crop health. The portable power sprayer emerges as a vital solution, offering efficient pest control and effective irrigation capabilities. Its versatility and ease of use make it indispensable equipment for farmers worldwide, enabling them to tackle agricultural challenges with precision and effectiveness.

With the portable power sprayer, farmers can optimize crop health and productivity while addressing the pressing need for pest management in fields and gardens alike.


Product Table

Knapsack Power Sprayer

ModelTypeChemical Tank CapacityDry WeightSuction VolumeLiquid OutputAverage Working PressureChemical Tank MaterialApplicationEngine TypeDisplacementRated PowerFuel ConsumptionFuel Tank CapacityCarburetor tpyeNet Weight
PA- KPS26-2SEngine Operated20 Litre10.4kg3-8 L/min3-8 L/min10 to 40Kg/cm2HDPE Agriculture / Industrial2 Stroke25.6 cc0.7 Kw (0.94 hp) @7500rpm500 ML/HR650 MLDiaphragm-type10.4kg
PA-KPS35-4SEngine Operated20 Litre10.8kg3-8 L/min3-8 L/min10 to 40Kg/cm2HDPE Agriculture / Industrial4 Stroke35 cc1Kw (1.2hp) @7000rpm550 ML/HR600 MLDiaphragm-type10.8kg

Portable Power Sprayer

ModelEngine TypeDisplacementRated PowerEngine RpmAverage Working PressureApplicationLiquid OutputFuel ConsumptionFuel Tank CapacityCarburetor Type
PA-BS-18-8SM2 Stroke43 cc1.25Kw (1.7hp) 7000rpm10 to 40Kg/cm2Agricultural3-8 L/min1000 ML/HR1200 MLDiaphragm-type
PA-PPS43-2S4 Stroke35 cc1 Kw (1.2 hp)7000rpm10 to 40Kg/cm2Agricultural3-8 L/min550 ml/hr600 MLDiaphragm-type