Power Weeder

The power weeder stands as a pivotal farm machinery, excelling in secondary tillage tasks with its adept rotating blades that effortlessly slice through dense brush and stubborn weeds. Its integrated Rotary Weeding and Ditching Unit boasts a dual-mode rotary movement, facilitating efficient weed removal and plant growth control at the topsoil level. By utilizing the power weeder cultivator, farmers effectively eradicate weeds encroaching upon plant growth, while simultaneously aerating the surrounding soil for optimal nutrient absorption and fertilizer distribution to crops. This ensures that plants receive the nourishment necessary for robust growth, unhindered by invasive weeds competing for vital resources. Our range of petrol-powered hand-driven power weeders offers versatility, with options for both belt-drive and gear-drive systems. Additionally, customers benefit from the inclusion of an extra pair of blades and supplementary wheels, enhancing the durability and longevity of their power weeder investment. Embrace efficiency and productivity in your farming endeavors with our reliable power weeder solutions. USP
  2. Accessible on DBT & State Government portal for subsidy
  3. Offering service assistance
  4. Reduced vibration, seamless operation & Simple Management
  • Inter-cultivation
  • De-weeding
  • Ridging
  • Mulching
  • Ring
  • Farrow Formation
  • Puddling


Product Table

ModelRated PowerDisplacementEngine SpeedEngine FuelFuel Tank CapacityFuel ConsumptionRota SpeedNumber of GearsCultivation widthCultivation DepthTyre SizeBlade SetWeeder Type
PA-PW-6.0DG(Self Start)4.4 kW (6.0 HP)296CC.3600 RPMEngine/Fuel: 4-Stroke/ Air Cooled Diesel4 L0.6 L/hr800 RPM2 Forward & 1 Revers60-90 cm2.5-15.2 cm4.0082 Sets(Dry and Wet Land) with Side Disk.Gear Drive
PA-PW-9.0DB(Self Start)6.7 kW (9.0 HP)418CC.3600 RPMEngine/Fuel: 4-Stroke/ Air Cooled Diesel5.5 L0.8 L/hr2 Forward & 1 Revers33 cm4.5-10cm4.0082 Sets(Dry and Wet Land) with Side Disk.Gear Drive
PA-PW-6.0GB BIG BULL4.4 KW (6.0HP)212 CC3600 RPMPetrolPETROL 3.6 L0.9 L/H2 Forward & 1 Revers114-125 CM6.5 CM4.0082 Sets with Side Disk.Belt Drive
PA-PW-6.0GG4.4 KW (6.0HP)212 CC3600/800 RPMPetrolPETROL 3.6 L0.9 L/H2 Forward & 1 Revers114-125 CM6.5 CM4.0082 Sets with Side Disk.Gear Drive