HTP Sprayers are heavy-duty sprayer used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. It is designed to spray liquids, such as water, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc., in agriculture. Our Sprayers are equipped with spray nozzle, liquid tank, valves, pressure regulators and fluid plumbing. This machine has a horizontal triple piston pump with a reliable and strong brass head. This allows the machine to spray uniformly and with constant high pressure to reach an extensive range.

Benefits of HTP Sprayer

HTP Sprayers are extremely useful for comprehensive agricultural spraying purposes. The machine comes equipped with top-quality components to ensure longer life and low-maintenance long-term utilization. The Sprayer can be carried along on a small cart or can be easily mounted on a tractor for faster and more efficient spraying on agriculture land.

Why choose to buy HTP Sprayer?

Our HTP Power Sprayer is designed to meet all your watering, fertilizing and crop-caring needs. This advanced sprayer is designed to be lightweight and low-maintenance. This means that you can use the sprayer pump at stable position or you can choose to carry the pump around on a tractor and cover the entirety of your farmland. If you want to ensure your crops have sufficient water and are treated efficiently with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer’s, etc. then you should buy Perfect House Pvt Ltd Power Sprayer now.

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