Portable Power Sprayer is a farm spraying device designed to spray water, pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, fungicides, etc. It is used in farms, lawns and gardens with equal ease. Now you can ensure a boost in crops with the advanced and unique portable power sprayer from Perfect House. It is a multipurpose machine designed for farms and lawns alike.

Portable sprayers are advanced farm equipment used worldwide in agriculture for multiple uses. This power sprayer has numerous applications and is most popular for agriculture, sericulture, horticulture, forestry, gardens, plantations, etc.

Sprayers are among the most important agricultural tools required for crop production. Pest infestation is a serious issue, and there is a crucial need to prevent pest infestations in fields. The portable sprayer is immensely useful for this. In addition, it can also work as irrigation equipment to spray water on crops with better efficiency.

  • Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Powerful but smaller engine for maximum output
  • Advanced technology for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Energy conserving power usage
  • High-pressure spraying capacity
  • Advanced carburetor for easy starting
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Environment friendly
  • Made in India
  • Cost efficiency – Power sprayers are simple and have fewer parts. Thus, they cost significantly less than the large, bulky conventional sprayers.
  • Portability – The small size of the power sprayer makes it extremely convenient to carry and use. The small size needs less space while being transported from one place to another. It allows the portable power sprayer to be carried easily on two-wheelers too.
  • Low maintenance – These sprayers are designed with efficiency in mind. Thus these are extremely low-maintenance and reduce overall spraying cost.


These sprayers are extremely advantageous as compared to conventional sprayers. These are smaller in size, so easier to carry. They have remarkable fuel efficiency. Their portability allows the handheld power sprayers to be used in distant locations where electric-powered power sprayers don’t work.

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