• Brush cuter  2 stroke with heavy duty engine
  • Displacement -43cc.
  • 1 tap & go with 3 t blade.
  • Agriculture use.

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Brush Cutter machine is an agricultural tool used to harvest crops, mow grass to a uniform height and trim unwanted crops. The operator can adjust the height of the brush cutter easily. Our handy brush cutter machine is designed with a small but powerful engine that delivers sufficient power to mow through tough grass, weed and more. It is the best choice to mow lawns and remove weeds from agricultural land.

Highlighting Features of Brush Cutter Machine

  • Strong yet lightweight 1.25 KW (1.6 Hp) motor
  • Powerful 42.7 cc displacement
  • Advanced 2-stroke, air cooled engine
  • Impressive 7000 rpm speed
  • Sufficient 1 litre fuel tank
  • Fuel-efficient at 1 litre/hour consumption
  • Petrol powered handheld brush cutter machine

Benefits of Brush Cutter Machine

  • Powerful – Despite the seemingly small engine, the brush cutter is extremely powerful and sufficient for all your grass, weed and crop cutting needs.
  • Portable – The handheld brush cutter backpack is lightweight and extremely portable, making it an excellent choice of agriculture tool for lawns and farms alike.
  • Fuel efficient – The brush cutter comes equipped with a powerful 42.7 cc 2-stroke petrol-powered engine which is surprisingly fuel-efficient at a 1 litre per hour consumption rate.
  • Lightweight – The brush cutter weighs comparatively less than competitors. It makes it an incredibly handy tool that can be used constantly for a longer time without feeling fatigued.
  • Environmental Friendly – All our products are made in India.

Why to buy Brush Cutter?

Perfect brush cutters are used for multiple purposes. Tricky, tight areas are no match for this professional-grade brush cutter. This machine is ideal for harvesting and cutting crops, such as rice, wheat, barley, soybean and animal feed. It is an extremely powerful but cost-efficient tool that successfully takes care of all your farm and lawn-related crop cutting needs.

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