• Horizontal OHV engine
  • Displacement -212cc.,4- stroke, air cooled, ohv.
  • Agriculture use.

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Engine 4 stroke is a type of engine where combustion takes place in 4 different strokes. Perfect Engine 4 stroke is a powerful machine that is incredibly useful to transfer water from one place to another in agricultural fields, lawns, and outdoors. The powerful engine 4-stroke has strong pumping power. These are extremely portable and can be fixed at any point on the farm without worrying about putting them near an electrical outlet, as seen for electric-powered water pumps.

Highlighting Features of Petrol Engine 

  • Powerful 4.4 KW (5.9 HP) engine
  • Impressive 212 cc displacement
  • Runs at 3600 rpm
  • Fuel-efficient engine with 4 strokes, air-cooled OHV technology
  • Petrol powered engine for better fuel efficiency
  • Recoil starter for quick start
  • Handy 3.6 litre fuel capacity

Benefits of Petrol Engine 

Some of the top features of a Perfect petrol engine 4-stroke include the impressive flow rate. Our petrol engine offers an extensive flow rate, making it incredibly efficient for emptying or filling tanks. The inlet and outlet are versatile and can support numerous sized pipes and hoses. The application head of this engine is also impressive, and it works excellently to transfer water to bigger heights. Make sure that the maximum head capacity of the engine you choose suits your water-transferring needs, especially if you need it to pump water to holding tanks placed at a considerable height. The equipment is equipped with a small but powerful motor to ensure stronger water flow and ease of use.

Why choose to buy Petrol Engine?

Our petrol engine 4 stroke finds various applications in farming and agriculture. It is a truly multi-purpose device. The petrol engine is used for irrigation, fire-fighting, trash transfer, tank-filling, tank/pond emptying, etc. As these are petrol-powered products, you do not have to worry about the availability of electric outlets at the worksite.