Why are generators required at home?

In this technology-driven age, we as a society have become highly dependent on our various electrical appliances. Whether it is for heating, cooling, or to help us with laundry and dishwashing, almost everything from water purification systems to televisions are run by the power of electricity. As much as these things make our lives so convenient and comfortable in so many ways (aside from being quite affordable), there’s no denying that most people would feel helpless if they were unable to use them due to an electrical outage. That is why it makes sense for your home to be fitted with a generator. They are appropriate for slightly bigger homes, apartments, and commercial building use.

Portable Home generators

These are mini generators that can supply power in the range of 3000 to 8000 watts. They also have high portability which makes them ideal for camping or on-location use. Because they tend to run primarily on gasoline or diesel, they have low emissions and noise levels when compared to other types of generators.

  • Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke Kohler Engine
  • 4500 VA
  • Diesel


Perfect DEW 6500 is a 5KVA portable generator that runs on diesel. This is an ideal choice for slightly bigger homes, apartments, commercial buildings and establishments. You will have peace of mind once you get a 5KVA generator installed as it always can generate an additional reserve power.

While these generators are popular due to their long run time, affordable price and simple maintenance, the most important initial considerations are those associated with power capabilities, as in how many devices can you run with a single 5KVA generator.

Features : Hour Meter, Under Voltage and Over Voltage protection, Frequency Protection, Exhaust fan protection, Canopy temperature protection, Engine oil temperature protection, Low lube oil pressure protection, Short Circuit protection