POWER REAPER pa r210 sc short crop


  • Self propelled reaper.
  • Displacement -212cc,4- stroke, air cooled,ohv.
  • Cutting height adjustment 4 – 22inch.
  • Agriculture use.

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Power reaper is agricultural equipment used to harvests crops when they are ripe. It has a petrol-powered engine and harvests crops, such as wheat, paddy, etc. This machine creates row dividers with a cutter bar that keeps crops in line. It ensures optimal nutrition for the plants. This machine is highly recommended for crop harvesting and cutting different crops. The reaper is equipped with heavy and wide tyres for optimal grip in muddy fields and works with a perfect balance on uneven and rough terrain.

Highlighting Features of Power Reaper

  • Powerful 4.4 KW engine with impressive 6.0 HP output
  • Advanced 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled petrol-powered 212 cc engine
  • Maximum engine speed at 3600 rpm
  • Large 3.6-litre fuel tank capacity for prolonged use
  • Excellent fuel efficiency with 750 ml per hour fuel consumption
  • Electric switch start with optional manual starting with recoil starter
  • The maximum cutting height is 50 mm
  • The maximum cutting width is 1200 mm
  • Its Cutting height can be adjusted between 4 and 22 inches
  • Weighs only 206 kg
  • Environmental friendly & made in India


Power reapers are extremely handy for harvesting crops. These are especially useful in areas or fields where a tractor cannot reach. Despite their bulky appearance, the reapers are extremely easy to handle and can be used effortlessly all day long. Compared to manual harvesting, you can instead buy a reaper to cut the crops faster and more efficiently. According to our tests, the power reaper is ideal for harvesting paddy, mustard, soybean, green grams, black grams, Bengal grams, and wheat.


Why choose to buy Power Reaper?

Buying a power reaper helps you to harvest crops easier. This hand-pushed automatic reaper is excellent for harvesting numerous crops and can be effectively used in farms that are inaccessible for tractor-powered reapers.

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