Self Propelled Reaper

The Power Reaper, a pinnacle of agricultural technology, has become an indispensable tool for modern farming operations. This marvel of engineering, propelled by a petrol-powered engine, represents a paradigm shift in the way crops are harvested. Its impact reverberates across fields of wheat, paddy, and beyond, offering unparalleled efficiency and precision.

At the heart of the Power Reaper’s effectiveness lies its innovative design. Equipped with row dividers and a cutter bar, it orchestrates the harvest with meticulous precision, ensuring crops are aligned for optimal cutting while preserving their nutritional integrity. This attention to detail not only enhances efficiency but also maintains the quality of the harvested produce.

Built for the rigors of the agricultural landscape, the Power Reaper boasts a heavy-duty construction and robust tires, providing steadfast traction even in the most challenging terrain. Its balanced structure further enhances stability, allowing it to navigate uneven ground with ease. Farmers worldwide attest to its reliability, endorsing it as a versatile solution for crop harvesting and cutting.

In an era where time and resources are at a premium, the Power Reaper emerges as a beacon of efficiency. By streamlining the harvesting process, it empowers farmers to maximize their yields while minimizing labor-intensive tasks. This translates to significant savings in both time and manpower, making it a vital asset in the modern agricultural landscape.

Moreover, the adaptability of the Power Reaper ensures its relevance across diverse crops and farming practices. Whether harvesting wheat on vast plains or navigating through rice paddies, it demonstrates unparalleled versatility, catering to the needs of farmers worldwide. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing agricultural workflows further cements its status as an indispensable ally on the farm.

As we look towards the future of agriculture, the Power Reaper stands as a symbol of innovation and progress. Its combination of reliability, adaptability, and efficiency not only transforms the harvest but also shapes the trajectory of agricultural practices worldwide. In the relentless pursuit of higher yields and sustainable farming practices, the Power Reaper remains a cornerstone of agricultural innovation, driving the industry towards a brighter, more productive future.


  2. Registered on All State DBT & State Government portal
  3. Providing counterbalance at Handle for minimized vibration and easy equilibrium
  4. Robust BIS (ISI) approved motor
  5. Adjustable height functionality to cater to different crop sizes


Product Table

ModelEngine PowerEngine TypeFuel TypeEngine SpeedDisplacementFuel Tank CapacityFuel ConsumptionStarting SystemCutting HeightCutting Width Weight
PA-R210-NC & PA-R210-SC (Short Crop)4.4 kW(6.0 hp)4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air CooledPetrol 3600 RPM212 cc3.6 L750 ml/hElectric/Manual Starting (Recoil Type)50 mm120 mm206 Kgs
PA-R210-NC(LW)4.4 kW (6.0 hp)4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, OHV, Air CooledPetrol1800 RPM212 cc3.6 L1 L/hrRecoil Start50-120 mm120 mm120 Kgs