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Sleeve Applicator Machines - Interpack Technologies

Maximise your production line efficiency with our Advanced Sleeve Applicator Machines.

At Interpack Technologies, we understand your need for precision and speed in packaging. Our machines are designed to streamline your operations.

Our expertise in manufacturing sleeve applicator machines ensures that we provide not just equipment but a complete solution tailored to your unique business requirements.

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    Successful Sleeve Applicator Projects

    Our recent projects in various industries showcase our expertise:

    • Hour Meter
    • Voltage And Voltage Protection
    • Frequency Protection
    • Exhaust Fan Protection
    • Canopy Temperature Protection
    • Engine Oil Temperature Protection
    • Low Lube Oil Pressure Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection

    Range of Sleeve Applicator Machines

    Our machines are engineered to handle various sleeve applications with precision and ease. Here’s our range:

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    Standard Sleeve Applicators

    Perfect for most packaging lines, offering consistent application of sleeves to a variety of containers.


    Customised Sleeve Applicators

    Custom-made to suit particular requirements, perfect for distinctive packaging designs and substances.


    Compact Sleeve Applicators

    Ideal for smaller spaces, combining efficiency and precision in a smaller footprint.

    Safety Measures You Should Take While Using A Portable Generator

    Ensuring the safe operation of a portable generator is necessary to protect people and property. To avoid potential dangers, it’s essential not to connect the generator directly to a building’s electrical system unless a qualified electrician installs it with a transfer switch.

    • Never use a generator indoors or in enclosed spaces like garages or basements. Even with open windows and doors, carbon monoxide (CO) can accumulate dangerously.
    • Make sure the generator has 3 to 4 feet of clear space on all sides and above for proper ventilation, reducing the risk of CO buildup.
    • Before refuelling, always turn off the generator and let it cool—store and transport gasoline and other fuels in approved containers designed, marked and vented for their contents.
    • Keep the generator dry by avoiding use in rainy or wet conditions. If needed, use a canopy for protection. Do not touch the generator’s electrical components when damp or standing in water.

    Following these safety measures ensures your portable generator’s reliable and secure operation, minimising potential risks associated with its use.

    Why We Are Your Perfect Selection


    Superior Engines

    Upgrade your power supply with our portable generators featuring advanced
    OHV engines. Experience improved fuel efficiency, ensuring a constant
    power supply for
    your home.


    Benchmark Quality

    Trust in our benchmark quality as our engines and alternators undergo rigorous testing at NABL laboratories. Our generators comply with strict emission and sound standards per CPCB II, guaranteeing excellence.


    Best-In-Class Technology

    Leverage the power of Japanese technology with our generators. Benefit from modern technology that ensures your home’s
    reliability, efficiency, and
    optimal performance.

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    R&D Quality

    Our commitment to research & development ensures that our generators meet the highest quality standards. Stay ahead with innovative features and unmatched performance in every product we offer.

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    After Sales Support

    With All India AMC & CAMC services, we are committed to maintaining your generator in prime condition, ensuring your home is always powered.


    Longer Warranty

    Feel secure in your investment with our generators, which come with a 5-year extended warranty. Rest easy, knowing that our commitment to quality lasts well beyond the initial purchase, providing lasting durability and reliability.