Solar Parks

In the contemporary corporate landscape, the pursuit of renewable energy has become a paramount objective for many companies, driven by global commitments such as RE100. While the adoption of rooftop or distributed solar solutions represents an initial step towards sustainability, numerous enterprises encounter spatial limitations within their facilities, hindering their capacity to generate a significant portion of their energy demands onsite.

Addressing this challenge, grid-connected or ‘Open Access’ solar power, facilitated by offsite Solar Farms, emerges as a viable solution. This approach allows corporations to access large-scale renewable energy via the grid, potentially fulfilling up to 100% of their energy requirements. An illustrative example is GVCL, which procures 100% of its power needs for its Maharashtra facility from solar farms within the state.

For businesses, the transition to renewable energy not only yields substantial electricity cost savings but also signifies significant progress towards achieving 100% renewable energy sourcing. Open access solar power stands out as a popular option, offering enterprises the opportunity to meet their entire electricity needs at rates lower than prevailing grid electricity tariffs, coupled with tariff certainty for the next 20-25 years.

Embracing open access solar power represents a strategic move for companies aspiring to enhance their environmental stewardship while simultaneously optimizing operational costs, thereby fostering sustainable growth in the corporate sector.

Types of Solar Park Offerings: – 
Third Party (Open Access):

At Perfect House, we revolutionize your business electricity needs with renewable energy from our offsite private Solar farms spread across India. Open access power tariffs, significantly cheaper than grid tariffs, redefine affordability. This innovative model liberates consumers from onsite solar constraints, offering scalability without space limitations at your facility. Embrace open access power to relish affordable renewable energy from day one.

Businesses like yours increasingly favor renewable power for compelling reasons. Industrial and commercial consumers benefit from regular electricity supply at reduced costs, simultaneously mitigating their carbon footprint. Perfect House empowers your business with sustainable energy solutions, aligning economic viability with environmental responsibility. Embrace the future of energy with our renewable power offerings, paving the way for a greener tomorrow while optimizing your operational expenses. Experience the transformational potential of open access power today.

  • Zero initial capital outlay: Given the nature of this energy sales model, consumers are not required to make any upfront investments.
  • Assured reductions in electricity expenses: Procuring electricity from Perfect House entails tariffs significantly lower than those of the grid, ensuring savings on energy costs for every unit supplied.
  • A worry-free alternative: With no investment requirements or maintenance responsibilities, this represents a capital expenditure-free, trouble-free, and secure alternative.

Captive Solar Parks:

In the captive capex model, corporate buyers invest upfront capital in utility-scale renewable projects, retaining ownership of the power generating asset. Solar energy generated serves the buyer’s self-consumption needs. Perfect House oversees plant construction, operation, and maintenance throughout its lifespan. This model enables corporations to secure sustainable energy sources while maintaining control over their investments and reducing reliance on traditional utility grids. It exemplifies a strategic shift towards corporate sustainability and energy independence.


  • Electricity cost protection: Open Access fees from the grid may apply, however, unforeseeable costs like cross-subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge are exempted in captive and group captive ventures.
  • Fiscal advantages: Within this framework, a corporate purchaser holding the asset on its financial records can also avail tax benefits via accelerated depreciation.
  • No specialized expertise required: Perfect House will furnish a comprehensive turnkey EPC solution during the plant’s commissioning, inclusive of requisite regulatory endorsements and due diligence. Furthermore, Perfect House will oversee the plant’s operation and maintenance throughout its 25-year lifespan.

Solar Park Group Captive:

In the group captive model pioneered by Perfect House, a distinct approach to energy provision emerges. Through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), corporate buyers jointly invest with a 26 percent equity stake, fostering collective ownership and responsibility. Essential to this model, corporate entities commit to consuming a minimum of 51% of the generated power through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Perfect House assumes the mantle of development, operation, and maintenance, ensuring seamless project execution. This innovative framework not only fosters collaborative energy consumption but also mitigates risks and amplifies corporate involvement in sustainable practices. The group captive model stands as a beacon of collective responsibility and efficiency in energy management.


  • Optimal investment and risk mitigation: The corporate buyer can access the open access benefits of a group captive project without the necessity of full project ownership. Here, Perfect House will cover 74% of the investment, while the corporate buyer will retain a minimum 26% equity stake. This arrangement satisfies the ownership criteria necessary for exemption from cross-subsidy surcharges.
  • Assured electricity cost savings: Despite the requirement for the user to procure electricity from Perfect House via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the rates offered are significantly lower than prevailing grid tariffs, ensuring guaranteed savings on every unit consumed.
  • No technical expertise required: Perfect House will deliver a comprehensive turnkey EPC solution during the plant’s commissioning, complete with all necessary regulatory approvals and due diligence. Furthermore, Perfect House will handle the operation and maintenance of the plant throughout its 25-year lifespan.