Rooftop solar power plant, SOLAR POWER SOLUTIONS


Perfect House takes its vision to become India’s #1 provider of eco-friendly & renewable power solutions very seriously. This has been reflected in our move towards providing sustainable renewable energy solutions to our customers across industries spanning Defense, Government, Corporate and Retail through various business models like Opex, Capex and RESCO.

Perfect’s End-to-End EPC Solutions

Perfect offers Solar PV Plant customers end-to-end servicing and solutions for:

Rooftop Solar Power Plants

Roof PV system have photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, solar invertors, and other electrical accessories. These electricity-generating systems are mounted on rooftops of residential buildings, commercial buildings, or other structures.

Utility Scale Power Plants

These plants are suitable for government, commercial, institutional and residential buildings, as well as for banks, with financing starting 1KW onwards.

Capex (Capital Expenditure Model)

In this model, the entire investment comes from the power consumer, consumer generally hire a solar EPC company to provide turn key installation of entire solar power system and handover assets to consumers. EPC also do annual operation and maintenance (O & M) of plant on mutually agreed cost per annum.

RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company)

RESCO is less capital intensive wherein the rooftop owners consume the electricity generated, for which they must pay a pre-decided tariff monthly. Thus, for consumers, it is a low-cost intensive option.

Solar Savings Calculator

Solar Savings Calculator

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Rooftop solar power plant, SOLAR POWER SOLUTIONS
  •  Rays of the sun hit the PV Solar Cells which creates a direct current.
  •  An Inverter converts this direct current into alternating current   which flows into your location as electricity.
  •  The excess energy generated is either stored in a battery for future use or sent to your electricity grid for others to use. 
  •  This excess energy sent to the grid is credited to your next electricity bill.

Client      :  Can Pak India Pvt Ltd

Size          :  1000 KW

Location :  Aurangabad


Client      :  MES, Air force Station 

Size          :   500 KW

Location :    Deolali, Maharashtra


Client       :    Saket District Court

Size           :   350 KW

Location :  New Delhi


Client       :    Delhi High Court

Size           :   202 KW

Location :  New Delhi


Client       : PHPL Unit II

Size          :  180 KW

Location : Satara, Maharashtra


Client      :   Delhi Transco Limited

Size          :  115 KW

Location :  Sector 5, New Delhi


Client      :   Govt Girls Higher  School

Size          :   114 KW

Location :   Narela, New Delhi


Client       :  Co-Ed Model School

Size           :  107 KW

Location :  Rohini, New Delhi


Size          :   84.48 KW

Location : Ranchaidham, Assam


Size            :  82.5 KW

Location  : Chinatali Golaghat, Assam


Size          :  80 KW

Location : Hooghly, West Bengal


Size          : 80 KW

Location : Ongole, AP


Size          :  60 KW

Location : Phodong, North Sikkima


Size          :   47.5 KW

Location :  Ahmedabad, Gujrat