Super Silent Generators

Our range of silent generators offers you the most all-inclusive on the market generators from 5kVA to 125kVA. Tough, compact, light in weight and technically innovative, Perfect House Pvt Ltd. 24-hour run generators offer greater choice for you, whatever your power needs. We are the ultimate go-to power brand for camping, construction, rail, events, tunnels, highways, mining, TV, film, residences, industries, etc. 

Perfect offers Super silent generators which are ideal for most noise sensitive places, such as community centers,hospitals,educational institutions etc where the low noise level is a basic requirement for generators. Perfect super silent generators are designed to provide optimum power backup solutions in different business and commercial applications where low noise is a primary requirement. Perfect super silent generators are compliant with the standards of noise and emission norms by the authorities.


Our silent generators / soundproof generators are equipped with an innovative sound absorption system. This typical layer reflects the sound back inside the area, and resilient materials soak up the sound of the engine. Moreover all our generators meet the applicable Phase II Noise Regulation of Central Pollution Control Board of India.

We offer.

  • A diverse range of products from 2kVA to 125kVA with fuel options of Petrol & Diesel.
  • A silent acoustic canopy, which keeps the noise level in check as per CPCB II regulation
  • All weather proof canopy with containerized generator so give you the best bespoke silent generator in India.
  • Automatic AMF panel.
  • Engines from the reputed brand: We take care to use only EICHER, Kohler, Perfect brand of engines to help the industries remain powered up for long.
  • Consumer Friendly design with handles & castor wheels for ease of movement.
  • It has an Oil Alert Device, which prevents engine seizure.
  • 2 years extended warrant* provided.
  • 24/7 customer care & service number for convenient & hassle free service & maintenance.

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