SUZUKI Outboard Motors vs. Yamaha Outboard Motors

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Outboard motors have changed the way we get around on the water. We no longer need to develop strong arms or limit the length of your cruise to row back safely because outboards gladly do that for us!

They’ve entirely revolutionised boating and have transformed what was once an arduous task to a so much easier & enjoyable one. Today there are many different models of outboards from a variety of brands. The two most popular outboard brands available today at dealers near you are probably SUZUKI and Yamaha. Both make various models for differing purposes, such as commercial or recreational boating.

Most importantly, people tend to choose either one because they want dependable engines that will perform over time without question! So, without further ado, let’s get into the details about these two greats!

Comparison Chart – Suzuki vs. Yamaha Outboard

1 Paramount Reliability – be it on land or on water Acceptable reliability
2 Class leading fuel economy with optimum performance Good performance
3 Superior NVH characteristics – Low noise, minimal vibrations for smoother & memorable journey Comparatively higher NVH
4 Minimal maintenance Marginal higher maintenance required
5 Superior visual aesthetics with more durable 4 layer corrosion inhibiting finish Looks are good
6 Unbeatable quality at unbelievable pricing Steeper pricing

Reliability and Performance :
Both Suzuki and Yamaha go toe-to-toe in terms of reliability and performance.

Superior Engineering Benefits
Suzuki is the pioneer in utilising an Off-set Crankshaft design for its higher HP Outboards. This benefits in a number of ways such as, moving the C-O-G ( Centre of gravity ) further inboard improving stability & handling, being able to deploy a 2-Stage Reduction System which in turn enables the Gear case to be more hydrodynamically streamlined while at the same time being able to spin a comparatively larger diameter propellor offering better performance.

Speed :
In the case of speed of the boat, the larger propellor with better streamlined gearcase design, lesser hydrodynamic resistance offers superior performance that is ambitious at best for competitors.

Acoustic Suppression and Fuel Efficiency :
Suzuki engines are designed right from start to remain as silent as possible & delivery outstanding fuel economy as compared to Yamaha and other engines.

Warranty and Price Value
In the case of warranty and value for money, Suzuki scores over Yamaha.

Which one is the best?
The performance of each outboard motor varies based on the model you are using. If you are looking for a simple, reliable & technologically superior outboard engine, then Suzuki outboards are what you need to look for. They feature a clean straightforward design with no complicated & perplexing features which are hardly of any daily use, making them ideal for those who prefer the unadorned simplicity sailing on the “great blue”. They also operate at a significantly lower acoustic & reverberations signature than Yamaha outboard motors. The price is another significant factor that makes Suzuki Outboards ideal for any boater, regardless of how seasoned they may be.

Outboard motor price in India :

Feel the wind, explore the waves, and experience the “Boating Experience of a Lifetime” using the “World’s Ultimate Outboard Motor”.

An Overview of Outboard Motors :

An outboard motor is a propulsion system for boats, consisting of a self-contained unit that includes engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive, designed to be affixed to the outside of the transom. They are the most common motorized method of propelling small watercraft. As well as providing propulsion, outboards provide steering control, as they are designed to pivot over their mountings and thus control the direction of thrust. Unlike inboard motors, outboard motors can be easily removed for storage or repairs.

The outboard motor was conceptualised more than a century ago in 1870 & were popularised around 1909.

SUZUKI launched its first Outboard in 1965 & have been industry leaders with multiple international awards till date.

Selection of a suitable Outboard Motor is based on power requirements, shaft length and transom well dimensions.

Meanwhile, a question often arises in your mind: what is the cost of an outboard motor? Is it worth buying? What is its maintenance? Let us take a few points and clear the picture of outboard motor prices in India.

Pricing :
Today, the SUZUKI Outboard Motor in Two-stroke ranges from 9.9HP to 40HP & in Four-stroke ranges from 2.5HP to 350HP. When in need of the best propulsion system that is good value for money, offers superior performance and long term durability the world over boaters trust only SUZUKI.

An Outboard motor price in India can range differently and vary depending upon factors like brand, country of origin, power, engine type and peripheral optional extras such as electric start, multi-point electronic fuel injection, and power tilt to name a few.

Power needs :
Power requirements depend upon the type of boat used. For example, if you use a Small Boat, you would require a smaller outboard motor that will be compatible with the craft while being more economical. While identifying the correct outboard, you need to consider a few points like where you need the boat ( fresh or saline water), how often will you use it & average time per trip. These factors will determine the power specifications of the outboard power.

Motor type :
Today, we have options while taking time out on the water and enjoying the scenic beauty. The Motor types available in the market are Manual or Electric Start Outboard in 2-stroke or 4-stroke configuration. These factors affect the pricing, running cost & maintenance while buying an outboard motor.

Factors that affect the Prices :

Quality : The quality of the outboard motor from reputed brands is higher and impressive. Other non-reputable brands are also available in the market but their longevity & reliability are a question to which there would be no concrete answer.

Foreign Currency : Global fluctuations in currency can cause the pricing to fluctuate at times. Local government taxes are also a leading factor for increase in pricing of an Outboard

A good outboard motor: Is it worth buying?

Any sub-standard or equivalent engines cannot replace an outboard motor of a reputed & renowned brand. Replacing an outboard motor with a spurious one is a big mistake which is potentially life threatening when out on the water. Thriftiness in regular maintenance, repair, and servicing without following to manufacture guidelines will shorten the lift of the engine as well as spoil the fun when boating.

It is better to buy a reliable & reputed brand of outboard motor for superior performance, durability, and the long-run reliability. The incredible joy of smooth & reliable performance is what makes an outboard motor worth buying.

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How to increase the life of your outboard motor?

Do you want to know how to increase the life of an outboard motor? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to make your outboard motor more robust.

Choosing the Right Motor :
Are you aware that for increasing the life of your craft and engine, choosing the best motor is equally essential?

An underpowered motor will cause frequent / excess wear & tear, unwanted stress on the engine, higher maintenance cost & shorter overall life.

An over-powered craft is potentially unstable & hazardous to operate.

We’ve highlighted some important points you must consider while selecting a suitable motor.

Faulty Spark Plugs :
The spark plugs do wear over a period of use. Are you facing issues like the rough engine running note / excess vibrations / poor performance / poor acceleration / difficulty to start? Replacing the Spark is a quick & cheap check & may fix most of what ails your outboard.

Clean Fuel :
Any engine needs proper clean fresh fuel to operate smoothly & reliably. Clean fresh fuel will ensure best economy, lower emissions, better performance & quieter ride.

Cooling Water Circulation :
Have you ever stopped in the middle of a trip because your outboard engine overheated or seized up? Continuous use of engine with a lack of adequate cooling water supply can lead to irreparable damage to the engine permanently. The performance of an outboard motor can be efficient and faster when it operates at optimum temperatures. Always ensure that there is adequate cooling water emission from the over-board tell-tale indicator whilst the engine is running.

Keep the Propeller in Good Condition :
Propeller works by utilising the power of the engine into the thrust for the craft. Simply put, it takes power from the engine and converts it into action. This action creates a type of force on the blades. So, the propeller must be kept in a clean & undamaged condition to achieve the designed & desired efficiency. Regular inspection & avoiding damage to propellors is critical aspect of boating.

Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to achieve the efficiency & power your outboard motor was designed for.

Perfect House helps you by guiding the proper usage of your outboard through practical steps and tips. For more blogs on the efficient operation of outboards, check out our blog section.