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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Power Generator for your Home

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When confronted with an unexpected power outage, a power generator can be a critical asset to maintain the necessary electricity in your home for essential power appliances.

However, considering the abundance of options available, selecting the ideal generator for your requirements can take time and effort.

This guide offers instructions on choosing the appropriate power generator for your residential needs.

Types of Generators

Portable Generator

Portable, fuel-run generators, designed to be relocated quickly, are commonly used for leisure activities, outdoor gatherings, and supplying backup electricity to residences in the event of an emergency.

Inverter Generator

Portable generators providing high-grade, consistent power output with reduced sound levels and fuel consumption compared to standard portable generators are available.

Home Standby

These generators are to be integrated with a home’s electrical system and automatically activated in the event of a power failure.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Power Generator For Your Home

Fuel type

When selecting a power generator, one should consider the availability and cost of the relevant fuel sources in their area. Most popular are those fueled by gasoline; however, models which run on propane and diesel tend to be more efficient.

Power requirements

To ascertain the power capacity necessary for your needs, you must compile a list of virtual devices and appliances to be powered during an outage.

Examine the power rating, measured in watts, for each item on your list and tally the total wattage to calculate the minimal output requirement of your generator.
Selecting a generator with a capacity output exceeding your total wattage requirement is advisable to ensure sufficient power for any additional load.

Decibel ratings

When selecting a generator, it is essential to consider the sound output expressed in decibels (dB). Most generators provide a dB rating in their specifications, allowing one to compare noise levels among different models.

A lower decibel rating indicates a quieter generator. A rating of 70 dB or below is generally considered sufficiently soft to be suitable for residential use. Generators that have a decibel rating higher than 75 dB may produce a level of noise that could be disturbing to one’s neighbors


Establish a financial framework and select a generator that fulfils your requirements within that budget.

Pick The Right Power Generator For Your Home

When selecting the optimal power generator for your household, it is essential to assess factors such as your power needs, fuel type, generator type, sound emission, portability, safety features, installation and maintenance needs, and brand and warranty coverage. Taking the time to make an informed choice ensures reliable backup power during an outage.

Where To Get A Power Generator

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a power generator?

Having a generator at home is an intelligent choice for the savvy homeowner. In the event of a blackout, it can prevent the costly loss of perishable goods due to a destroyed refrigerator. Investing in a generator is wise to ensure that your food stays safe.

Investing in a generator has many benefits, including the added convenience of keeping your electronics running during power outages. The cost of a generator depends on a variety of factors. Contact us to find out more.

What are some safety concerns with power generators?

When operating a generator, it is imperative to observe safety protocols to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust, electric shock, and fire. Following the directions in the generator manual will ensure maximum safety.

To minimise the danger of electric shock, locate the generator in a dry area and avoid operating it when the weather is inclement.