Top Ten Power Generator manufacturers in India

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Industry Outlook is a reputed comprehensive service that provides key insights and analyses on Indian industries. One of the most widely acknowledged services of its kind, Industry Outlook’s information range includes mining, utilities, and services industries. It covers a total of 209 industries from various fields.

Accordingly, one of their major studies is run to understand the Top 10 Power Generator Manufacturers and Suppliers. For the year 2021, Perfect House was proudly announced as one of the Top 10 in the given category. Perfect House has been a leader in supplying and manufacturing gensets and other products for various industries, households, and other establishments since the past 60 years. Our services range from manufacturing gensets, agricultural equipment, solar panels to our most recent venture: IT Solutions. We are honoured, and at the same time, humbled to have received the designation of being Industrial Outlook’s Top 10 Power Generator Manufacturers and Suppliers. With this, our aim and inspiration to serve the country has only strengthened and we hope to be of service for many, many more years to come.

Other than information insights and detailed analyses, Industry Outlook also provides forecasts and data and statistics about who the leading contenders for their respective areas of business are. Briefly, it is designed to provide a near to medium overall view of Indian industries and where they stand in the current scenario.

Indian generator manufacturers are businesses that develop and distribute generators. People utilize these generators for various uses, such as providing electricity to residential areas, commercial buildings, and industrial plants.

In India, numerous generator manufacturers offer various products and services. Each company boasts specialized offerings and a strong presence in the Indian market.

According to their recent survey,

The top ten generator manufacturers are:

  1. Perfect Baudouin
  2. Aggreko
  3. Cooper Corp
  4. CSH Power Himoinsa
  5. Jakson Group
  6. Kirloskar Electric Company
  7. Mahindra Powerol
  8. OJUS Power and Technologies
  9. Sterling and Wilson
  10. Sudhir Power

Perfect & Baudouin

For one hundred years, Baudouin has overseen designing and manufacturing the highest quality diesel engines for power generation and marine applications up to 3,150 KVA, and they are backed by 10 R&D centres across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

PHPL & Baudouin India has been in collaboration with and are focusing on the MHP and HHP diesel generator market since 2017.


Aggreko is one of the leading manufacturers of power generators, solar power solutions, energy storage and other services across the world.

Cooper Corp

Cooper Corp, established in 1922, is an internationally renowned corporation

with production capacity starting from spare parts to engines to gensets and now, tractors.

CSH Power Himoinsa

CSH Power Himoinsa Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Silent DG Sets in India built over a sprawling 10-acre complex located at Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand – India.

Jakson Group

Established in the year 1947, as an electrical trading firm, Jakson Group is a diverse Energy and Infrastructure company having expertise in Distributed Energy, Solar Solutions and Electrical Solutions. Jakson is headquartered at Noida.

Kirloskar Electric Company

Kirloskar Electric Company is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment in India. Kirloskar Electric produces more than seventy products under eight distinct categories that cater to core economy sectors like power generation, transmission and distribution, transportation, and renewable energy, sugar, steel, cement, and allied industries.

OJUS Power and Technologies

Established in 2009, OJUS Power and Technologies Pvt an original equipment manufacturer of diesel generators with a strong sales and marketing presence. OJUS provides diesel generator sets ranging from 10 to 2250 KVA through partnerships with two prominent engine suppliers i.e., Ashok Leyland Ltd. and Perkins.

Sudhir Power

Sudhir Group, established in 1973, focuses on the production of 7.5KVA – 3000 KVA Diesel & Gas Generators, 100 KW solar, oil & dry type transformers, HT 11KV & 33KV panels and LT panels.

Sterling and Wilson

Sterling and Wilson, founded in 1920, provides products such as. MEP-IEPC, Solar, Power Solutions, Transmission & Distribution, Data Centre’s, and DG Sets. Their wide range of products has been serving many businesses for years.

Mahindra Powerol

Mahindra Powerol is a part of the Mahindra Automotive Group’s & Farm Equipment Sectors. The company entered the field of Power Generation in 2001-02.

To sum up, India boasts a substantial generator market, with many established producers and a vast selection of options. When selecting a generator, it is essential to factor in the individual requirements of your project, as well as the standing and customer service of the supplier.