Why Perfect ?

  1. DG power availability at site
  2. Covers a broad scope starting from:
    1. – DG Capex
    2. – Maintenance
    3. – Diesel filling etc
  3. All DGs are owned, operated & maintained by PERFECT
  4. Avenue for shifting Capex to Opex
  5. Auto start capability for emergency standby usez
  6. Real Time Fuel monitoring system
  7. Customized offerings to fulfill specific customer needs
  8. Latest technology for complete monitoring of DG sets remotely
  9. Valuable Resources saved as DG set maintenance taken away from scope
  10. Almost NIL Capex cost
  11. Down-time reduction at site
  12. Up-gradation facility for deploying higher KVA DG, as & when required
  • Simplified & Headache Free commercial and billing process
  • DG sets owned, operated and maintained by Manufacturer (PERFECT) directly
  • Power on Wheel option available (Trolley mounted DG sets)
  • Diesel Theft protection.
  • Strong Technological Knowledge Is Our USP.
  • Taking All The Pre-emptive Measures.
  • Point Contact And Complete Responsibility Under One Roof.
  • Skilled And Experienced Workforce.
  • 24 X 7 services.
  • To Provide Integrated Electro – Mechanical Services.
  • We Understand The Customer’s Needs And Helps To Provide Customized Solutions.
  • Transportation, installation and commissioning of DG sets at sites: Hassle Free