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Why You Should Rent A Diesel Generator Instead of Buying?

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Are you confused about what to do regarding your power requirements? Sure! You can buy a generator.

But, should you?

Did you know that renting a generator can have many more benefits rather than buying a generator? Do you want to know how you can avail of these benefits? Read to find out!

First and foremost, the main factor for deciding to buy/rent a generator depends on your requirements. You must first need to understand whether you have a stand-by application or if you want to use your generator as a prime mover. Now that you’ve decided that, what is your next step? More often than not, there is no straight-forward answer. So, let’s now look at some advantages and disadvantages of renting vs buying a generator.

Renting is cost-effective

We don’t want to shell out huge bucks for just a generator. Hence, cost becomes one of the most important factors in choosing to buy/rent a diesel generator.

If your needs are short-term, then, renting a commercial diesel generator can be a great option since you can have affordable payment packages that include maintenance and running costs. However, on the other hand, if you require a generator for long-term usage, you can consider buying a generator and bear the charges of running and maintenance by yourself. Ideally speaking, renting a diesel generator for a long period of time will come pre-paid with maintenance and other costs. For a purchase, you might have to spend those extra bucks to get it maintained on a regular basis.

In a simple calculation, also keep in mind that you will have to spend a huge amount at once for buying a generator while you have to pay a fraction of that amount in a timely manner for renting one.

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Advantages of renting a generator

To purchase a generator, you will have to spend a huge amount of money. This will also include shipping, installation, demo, maintenance, and running. If you’re a business owner, it might be actually beneficial for you to spend the same capital on other necessary investments.

Renting will help you save loads of money because you only need to pay a fraction of the amount as compared to purchasing a diesel generator. Also, maintenance and shipping will be borne by the rental company.

Most importantly, a generator break-down can be fatal for the running of your business/establishment/home. If you’ve purchased a generator, a major breakdown can cost you loads of money while on the other hand, a rented generator will be repaired by the rental company.

Apart from these, there are additional points of information and practices that need to be taken place during installation/uninstallation, etc. For example, a rental company can choose the ideal place for installation after a field site review. This ensures proper functioning and helps prevent any potential breakdowns.


Based on your need, renting a generator can be much more cost-effective since it comes in a full package. It means that you can be worry-free while contemplating the decision to effectively power all your requirements. While purchasing a diesel generator can have benefits of its own, renting a generator can give you much-needed peace of mind.

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