Agricultural Sprayer Gun

Agricultural sprayer gun is a farm spraying tool used to spray liquid substance using compressed air from the nozzle in a controlled manner. They are devices which are ideal for spraying liquids on crops, such as water, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, etc. They are also used to spray fertilizers on crops.

Perfect house agricultural sprayer gun is made of durable plastic and metal components that can be operated manually or are battery powered. Perfect House Sprayer Guns are the best at spraying fertilizers and pesticides on your crops or lawn. This ideal all-round equipment is handy and convenient to use.

A conventional sprayer gun consists of an Airhead, flow regulator and spray nozzle, liquid tank, fluid plumbing, valves and sprayer pumps. These sprayer guns come in varying sizes and designs depending on their specific purpose. You can also get sprayers that are designed for different applications, such as sprayer guns for gardening, farming, fruit-growing, livestock rearing and weed control.

Highlighting Features Of Agricultural Sprayer Gun

  • They are portable
  • Easy to use
  • Uniform spraying
  • Excellent 3 to 6 litre per minute spray output
  • Strong spray with powerful 23/6cc / 35cc engine
  • Delivers around 0.7 KW at 0.94 HP / 1 KW at 1.2 HP
  • Environment friendly
  • Made in India

Benefits Of Sprayer Gun

Agricultural sprayer gun is an extremely essential and handy tool for farming. It is a cheap, portable and convenient alternative to larger, bulkier and heavier sprayers. These are designed to spray liquids, including water, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers on crops, especially those that are of smaller height. Besides, you can also use spray gun for agricultural sprayers as one of your gardening equipment too.

Why choose to buy Sprayer Gun?

Agricultural sprayer gun is one of the essential farming equipment. It helps to protect plants against fungus, pests, etc. You can use it easily because of its convenient size and light weight. You should buy a spray gun for agricultural sprayers when you need to ensure complete fumigation of the farmland.

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