Generator Warranties And Extended Service Plans: What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know About Generator Warranties

Having a reliable power generator is essential to avoid disrupting daily lives and inconveniences due to power outages. Generators are one of the most reliable sources that most people depend on for backup power. 

However, just like any other mechanical equipment, generators can also develop issues over a long period of time; this is where warranties and extended service plans play an important role.

In this blog, we will learn about the generator’s warranties and extended service plans; we will guide you through the process of making a good decision while considering the generator’s maintenance and protection. 

Generator Warranties: What You Need To Know

Generators generally come with a warranty, which the manufacturer provides; this plan may cover the defects in manufacturing, material, and generator’s essential components.

Duration Of Standard Warranties

Standard warranties cover a predetermined time period, which may differ from one manufacturer to another. 

It is essential to consider a standard warranty while making a purchase – it specifies the duration in which the manufacturer will cover repairs and certain replacements. This period generally varies from 2-5 years, depending on the manufacturer, and can vary with models.

What Is Some Basic Coverage?

The coverage in the generator’s warranty generally includes replacements and repairs. It is possible for some parts to fail at times; due to manufacturing defects and these are covered. It is also important to know that a standard warranty does not cover the outer damage.

Specific Parts: The warranty covers the specific parts when they need any repair or replacement. Consider checking the parts that are covered in the warranty before purchasing the generator.

Labour Cost: The standard warranty covers the labor cost; you don’t have to pay any amount if there’s any failure and they replace or repair any part.

Routine Maintenance: Manufacturers provide few maintenance visits at designated times – if you fail to perform this on time, manufacturers hold the power to deny any claim.

Manufacturing DefectsStandard warranty covers all the manufacturing defects that may arise after purchase. 

It is crucial to read out the warranty documents before making any purchase, and you should always check out some basic coverage that should be on standard warranties provided by the manufacturer.

Generator’s Maintenance Requirements

Most of the generator warranties come with particular maintenance needs. Always make sure you maintain a regular routine checkup to prevent any issues. This is also necessary because some of the manufacturers may deny claims if you fail to meet these requirements, and eventually, you have to bear all the repair or replacement costs.

Some of the common maintenance requirements may include: 

  • Timely Oil Change is essential to maintain your generator’s engine, as oiling helps reduce friction and ensures the machine’s longevity.
  • Changing Fuel and air Filters is essential to maintain the efficient and clean combustion process that takes place in the generator. Ignoring this can cause performance issues in the generator.
  • Regular Inspection A timely scheduled inspection is important to identify any small issue that might cause a big failure in the machine if it gets ignored. That is why it is essential to ensure the generator’s working condition.
  • Load Testing is essential to verify that the generator can handle the assigned load; this testing helps verify any issue related to the load.

Extended Generator Warranty Service Plan: Is It Essential?

Investing your money in a generator’s extended warranty is a smart choice that provides you with benefits and also safeguards you against unexpected disruption. 

Unlike a standard warranty, an extended one provides you with the flexibility for coverage duration and also ensures that the generator is protected against all the odds that may occur, which are beyond the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Unlike standard warranties, which only cover general manufacturing defects, extended warranties cover all other things like critical parts, voltage-related problems, etc.

Coverage Under Extended Service Plans

This is one of the primary benefits of extended warranty services, as it offers flexibility and can go beyond limitations like standard warranties. Some of the common coverage an extended plan can include are:

Wear and Tear Case: The extended plan covers almost all the damage that comes under wear and tear and provides a protection plan that naturally degrades over the period. 

Non-Covered Parts: This covers the parts not covered by the standard warranties given by manufacturers; the part may include wiring, the generator’s body, some sensors, and other parts.

How To Choose The Right Extended Service Plan?

Selecting the right extended service plan is as important as choosing the right generator. Here are some points to consider before choosing the extended warranty service plan. 

Know Your Generator Needs: Before you purchase an extended warranty service plan, you must understand the needs of your generator. 

Consider factors like usage, existing issues, etc, as new generators may require less coverage than older ones. Give a call to a professional technician to identify the existing issues and determine the needs of your generator. 

Run Your Research: Consider going through the different plans provided by different manufacturers. Always look out for reputed companies that are reliable and trustworthy; read reviews, or seek recommendations from anyone who has any experience with the company.

Differentiate Between Plan Duration: Service plan comes with different durations, so you should consider ones that align with your needs.

Determine Coverage Details: Always look out carefully for the coverage details and make sure it covers all the essential parts that are not covered by standard warranty plans.

Evaluate the Plan’s Cost: This is one of the most important steps; always evaluate the cost of the service plan and the expense of the coverage it provides.

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