Generators in Construction: Powering Tools and Equipment on the Job Site

Generators in Construction

Generators in Construction: Powering Tools and Equipment on the Job Site

Have you ever thought about how remote construction sites get their power supply? Does all the equipment and machinery on the site run on fuel? No! Construction sites require a constant supply of electricity for equipment, machinery, lightning and various other purposes. This is where the role of power supply generation provided by generators comes into action.

Generators are a crucial part of any construction site – to complete the job effectively, on time and safely. For a portable and reliable power source in construction sites, generators are usually the answer. They can be purchased or rented for the sites in the city premises, on roadways or in remote areas. Let’s dig deeper into the types and uses of generators in the construction industry.

How Do Generators Help Construction Sites?

The absence of direct access to power grids is a common issue for construction sites in isolated or remote areas. These areas might also be subjected to extreme weather like cold, snow and heavy rain.

In these extreme weather conditions, generators are essential to keep the machinery and tools running. Temporary accommodations at these sites cater to workers’ electricity needs for powering everyday appliances such as fans and refrigerators, as well as providing light and heat in trailers and tents to ensure worker safety and comfort during construction.

Many contractors work at night to finish the project on time or have underground work. This leads to a basic requirement of sufficient and constant light supply. Administrative work at the site and powering mobiles, laptops and computers requires efficient electricity.

Construction work also varies according to the different types of construction site generators, such as buildings, infrastructure, and industrial construction. As per the type of construction, for example, in building construction and road construction, the equipment, tools and machinery required are different. You may require various generators as you have different power requirements.

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Generator Types

As we know generators in construction are a crucial part of any construction site for the work to finish smoothly, on time, effectively and safely. Here’s a list of the types of generators used on construction sites.

High powered generators

These generators produce huge amounts of power required at large construction sites which need heavy-duty machinery that requires large power at start-up. These mega generators can produce power between 200kW to 2,500kW. Generally, they are required for residential and commercial constructions, road construction and transportation projects.

Medium powered generators

Medium-powered generators can generate power up to 5kW to 200kW and are used in smaller construction sites. For instance building single houses, low-rise apartments, smaller roads etc. These sites also require tools and equipment for the construction work, such as circular saws, concrete mixing machines, tile trimmers, vibrators, etc. They all require medium power to work effectively and efficiently.

Standby generators

These generators are used as backups in case of the failure of the main power supply due to any reason. With the help of these generators, the work will not halt even if the main generator of the power supply is repaired or under maintenance.

Portable generators

Portable generators can produce various power levels depending on their size. For a widely spread construction area, it is difficult to draw all power from a centrally located massive generator.

As a result, portable generators are useful for construction sites such as large multi-storey buildings where one large generator cannot reach all the construction areas. Generators of this type can be moved easily with the help of wheels either built-in or mounted on a wheeled base.

Essential Features of Construction Site Generators

In order for a generator to be used as a construction site generator, it must have certain features and types that allow it to handle the pressure and work on these sites. Let us look at them:
Generators in Construction

Boost Construction Site Productivity with Generators

Our construction site generators are designed to meet any power requirement for any location with their wide variety of options.

They will ensure constant and reliable power throughout the project work for the successful and safe completion of the project work. Generators also work as a backup resource for power for any kind of malfunction or fuel shortage. By using these generators we can increase the overall productivity of our construction site projects. They minimize the potential risk of workplace accidents and injuries by providing a safe and secure environment for workers.

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