How to maintain a diesel generator?

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Diesel generators are perhaps the undisputed players in back-up power generation. Prime or emergency power, a well-conditioned diesel generator can save you a lot of stress and worry.

Since the length of time diesel generators have been in the market, they have solved all the power worries that are commonly faced by households, business owners, or other applicants. Many people own not one but multiple generators to meet their power requirements. Today, all over the country, diesel generators provide reliable power sources to lakhs of businesses and households. Therefore it’s essential to maintain the diesel generator in order to keep the business running.

An unprecedented failure in their functioning only means that your only source of reliable power has been cut off. If you’re a business owner, you can incur huge losses. If the generator is installed at your hospital, a failure could be life-threatening. At your homes, it can cause a major amount of inconvenience.

Thankfully, there is a solution to keep your diesel generators up and running for a very long time. It includes thoroughly servicing your diesel generators on a regular basis. Apart from assuring you reliability, regular servicing also keeps your generator and appliances safe from any sort of hazard.

So, the question arises – How do you service and maintain your diesel generator?

Diesel generator Maintenance

First and foremost, one needs to understand the basic functioning of a diesel generator and what are the parts involved.

In simple words, a diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine, with an electric generator (alternator) that works in harmony to produce electrical energy. The engine consists of chambers that constantly compress, ignite, and move at rapid paces. Due to this characteristic, such moving parts require servicing on a regular basis.


A maintenance schedule will be provided to you when you rent/purchase your diesel generator. You can also hire experts to carry out the following maintenance areas for your diesel generator:

  • Cooling system – Potential air restriction along with hoses, connections, belts, fluid concentration.
  • Air intake system – Testing for leaks or loose connections.
  • Battery inspection and proper carbon cleaning of terminals.
  • Control panel reading and verifying the indications.
  • Monitoring your fuel system to ensure proper flow.
  • Pumping of fuel and levels.
  • Replacing fuel filters, oil filters, engine oil, coolant, or other fluids.
  • Exchanging worn out and old parts into newer ones.
  • Changing fan belts.
  • Checking for contaminants in your fuel, oil, and other liquids.
  • Noticing suspicious noises in the running of your engine.
  • Checking for rust and corrosion.
  • Checking for any other mechanical anomaly and structural integrity based on load, vibration, or other reasons.

These are the recommended maintenance methods that must be followed to keep your diesel generator running at its best. Apart from these, we recommend that you regularly run your generator even when it’s not in use to prevent the fuel and other liquids from stagnating or degrading.

Tips for diesel generator maintenance

Below we have mentioned some of the essential tips that can help prevent inconvenience and startup failures from occurring due to no maintenance of your diesel generator:

  • Conduct a regular general maintenance inspection to know that major parts of the diesel generator such as exhaust system, fuel system ,DC electrical system and engine run properly.
  • Check the levels of oil in your generator to avoid any parts becoming degenerated.
  • The coolant levels at proper level help the diesel generator maintain the cooling system
  • First use the fuel at proper intervals then check for its leakage at regular intervals
  • Charge the batteries at regular intervals to avoid power failures
  • Clean batteries at regular intervals and check the electrolyte levels
  • Perform engine exercise once a month to avoid startup failures of diesel generator
  • Keep your generator clean to avoid any hiccups.
  • Check for any leaks through exhaust system inspection

Perfect House Diesel Generators

Our generators at Perfect House are designed to withstand heavy load for long hours and require less maintenance due to their reliability, sturdiness, build quality and durability. They require maintenance once every year to ensure that they provide quality electricity for all your applications.

We hope that you understand how and why maintenance is done and having a well-maintained generator can ensure that you can get an uninterrupted power supply for all your needs.

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