Which Diesel Generator Is Best?

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When it comes to a versatile, reliable, and undisputable player in the game of emergency power for all your requirements, diesel generators are the best. While they are the unsung heroes of all shows, there are multiple attributes to one and every other diesel generator that sets them apart from each other. These could be corresponding differences amongst each other’s built, performance values, size of the units, cost, etc. These are factors that determine what makes a ‘best’ diesel generator.


Diesel generators are an optimal choice for households seeking an auxiliary power supply.


Benefits of Diesel Generator at Home

When you purchase a diesel generator, power backup is what you look for. In addition, you may also look for the type of generator, its efficacy, price etc. The diesel generator, once selected, affects how we can run the appliances at home. 

Following are the essential benefits of using a diesel Generator:

Peace of mind

Diesel generators due to their ability to start quickly and power the home appliances gives a peace of mind. You never know when the power gets cut off.

Low maintenance

Diesel generators have fewer components to start compared to other fuel generators . Also, the fuel needed to start is readily available . There are no plugs or carburettors involved in this generator set , thus less maintenance.

Life Span

Diesel generators have an increased life span as compared to petrol generators.

Safe to operate

The fuel used in diesel generators is less inflammable as compared to the petrol version.

Factors affecting the choice of diesel Generator

To understand more about a ‘best’ diesel generator, let’s first understand what makes a good diesel generator.



If you choose the right sized generator for your applications, it will save you from a lot of problems in the future. One important thing to ensure this is to have an option to choose from multiple-choice options.

At Perfect House, you get to choose a custom-sized diesel generator for all your needs. A wide range of array ranging from 1kVa to 2500 kVa of sizes means that you always pay for what you need and no more. In our opinion, that is the best diesel generator you can get. Also remember that you need to be able to choose a commercial, residential, or portable generator for your appropriate requirement.



Diesel generators contain multiple moving parts that sometimes move at more than 10,000 rpm. The movement includes the formation of heat, which can be around 1000°C. All of this combined with a storage tank of combustible fuel means that diesel generators are a major fire risk.

To ensure that there is no mishap, a generator must be made using high-quality materials that can withstand the complicated functioning of an engine. At Perfect, we are partnered with global conglomerates like Mitsubishi, Eicher Engines, Kubota Corp. Japan, Sawafuji Electric Company Ltd. to produce robust and top of the line generators that are tried and tested for efficacy all over the world.

A good quality diesel generator must have an efficient cooling system, robust fuel system, and a well-designed body to ensure that there are no running complications. This is a major check-point in your hunt for the best diesel generator.

Control and management system

What use is a diesel generator if you cannot use it properly?

One should be able to start the system, read warnings, running statistics, and other issues or problems in a simple manner. For this, a diesel generator system should come equipped with a well-designed control unit.

A control unit monitors the parameters of your engines to enable a proper response to the engine running, changes in speed, and other important requirements. In an unlikely event, the control unit should be able to cut off the fuel supply to prevent failure or catastrophic damage.

On top of this, the generators from Perfect House also come with ECUs that can provide operator feedback and information. You will have a user interface that can easily be understood, controlled, and serviced. They can also give you proper diagnostic data of running.

These are the major properties of choosing the ‘best’ diesel generator for your applications. Apart from these, also remember to choose the pricing diligently. There are some generators in the market with absolutely ridiculous price-value combinations.

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